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Facts about SPF

Facts about SPF

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer months, on holiday especially but what are some of the facts that we may not be as familiar with? How often should we apply SPF, which factor is best and should we wear it in winter? These are just some of the issues we…

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Locked Down Skin

Locked Down Skin?

Thanks to another national lockdown, amongst many other things, our daily routines have drastically changed. It’s no surprise then that our skin care routines may have also suffered. Online searches for “self-care” have risen by 250% during the Covid-19 pandemic, showing that people still want to try and look after themselves and their skin despite…

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Ultimate Face & Body Rejuvenation Machine

M3 for Skin Rejuvenation Welcome back to our blog, its been a while as we have all been so busy with new products, new devices and planning for a big move. All very exciting stuff…..so here’s our news. We had a hugely successful show at Olympia Beauty, thanks to all who stopped by, new friends…

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